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This highly thematic store blends Tidewater South Traditional and Pre-Railroad Industrial design influences to create a retail destination that is authentic to the region it serves. A 300-seat Islamorada Fish Company restaurant cantilevers over a 6 acre lake that engages the building and the backwater bayou history.

The exterior of the building evokes the sense of a structure that has evolved over time through the nature of form and use of reclaimed materials. The interior volume blends retail, architecture, imagery and local history.

The two-level store boasts a 17,500 gallon aquarium and swamp exhibit that also houses the vertical circulation elements of a feature stair and twin elevators.

Additional attractions include a pistol firing range, archery range, hunting clubhouse, arcade, NASCAR shop and simulators, and a general store with local flair. All elements combine to blur the line between large specialty retailer and small mall.

(Project team members while employed at another firm. Images are provided by, and property of, Bass Pro Shops.)

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