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Started in 1980 with a simple philosophy; provide 100% fresh USDA beef on a made from scratch bun and let the customer add their own toppings from farm fresh produce. This concept has grown to an over 260 location, world wide chain.

Schematic Design & Development services were provided for each individual franchisee location. Using corporate design standards, we ensure the building design and layout will meet the needs of the location, the franchisee and the franchise agreement. We also provide full Construction Documents and Construction Administration Services for permitting from general contractor bidding through project completion. In addition, we assist the franchisee with procurement and installation of “Franchisee Provided” portions of the project, based on National Contracts and Service Providers approved by Fuddruckers Corporate.

We have worked with Fuddruckers Corporate in the creation of prototype layouts ranging from 4,000 SF to 7,200 SF for both infill and freestanding locations. This understanding and relationship with Fuddruckers allows us to better serve the franchisee regardless of the size, complexity or location of the project.

The Sparks location was an infill restaurant with renovation work to existing exterior. The team coordinated with existing conditions and modified as required to fit Fuddruckers standard prototype design.

(Project team members while employed at another firm. Photos are a compilation of images from multiple Fuddruckers locations.)

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