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The Stars and Strikes Bowling Center in Kingsville, Texas is certainly a highly anticipated project. The men and women serving in Kingsville have allocated non-appropriated funds for an addition to the All Hands Club currently on the base. Non-appropriated funds are dues and pledges given directly by our service members, without congressional budgeting, and we aim to provide the highest quality for their use.

The project consists of a 9,500 SF addition to the existing All Hands Club, which currently houses a bar, a few offices, and a large ballroom for a variety of ceremonies at the base. The addition will be uniquely situated adjacent to the existing ballroom in order to utilize the space for multiple functions. The use of an aluminum curtain wall system will allow for a visual and physical connection to the space, while also maintaining a zone of privacy in the use of both buildings.

Twelve lanes of bowling will occupy the new addition, along with a new entry sequence, information desk, and pro shop. The exterior of the building is designed as complementary to the existing building and surrounding context. The interior of the building has a dual nature with an energetic use of color and materials with the ability to utilize a black light feature to transform the space.

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