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Studio 804 is a not-for-profit organization of third year graduate architecture students at the University of Kansas. As a thesis project, students design and build a residence for a low-income family in Lawrence, Kansas. During this project, Studio 804 worked in conjunction with the Tenants to Homeowners Association, and is led by Dan Rockhill.

1603 Random Road focuses on sustainability, handicapped accessibility, and low-maintenance materials. Reused materials ranging from gym flooring to cooling tower louvers compliment the Cor-Ten steel siding and aluminum detailing. In this program, architecture comes to life by the practice of craft from the drafting board to the job site. Students perform every aspect of the design, construction, labor, and scheduling except for the licensed trades of mechanical, plumbing, and electrical work.

(This project was completed while a student at the University of Kansas as a member of Studio 804).

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