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seminole baptist temple educational wing

Seminole Baptist Temple is an expanding congregation located on the southern edge of Springfield. It currently occupies a landlocked position near retail use groups and a country club/golf course.
The task provided by the building committee was to evaluate the maximum site build out that this property could accommodate. The initial phase of the project was to develop a new Christian education wing that would eventually flow into the campus with a final phase of a new sanctuary. While a beautiful structure, the original sanctuary was built in such a manner that it could not be expanded. This methodology was to be avoided at all costs.

Through a series of informational meetings with the Church, a long-term phased growth strategy was put in place to meet the immediate needs of educational areas without compromising the future need of an expanded sanctuary. This project was comprised of a number of complex adjacency and security issues dealing with children and adults of all ages. Extensive input from the building team was invaluable in determining the ultimate flow and expansion of this facility.

(Project team members while employed at another firm.)

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