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IDeA has been integral in the development of the Uncle Buck’s Fishbowl for Bass Pro Shops. This restaurant/bowling concept has been executed in Altoona, IA; East Peoria, IL; Harlingen, TX; Memphis, TN; and Destin, FL. While the majority of these concepts have been integrated within a typical Bass Pro retail setting, the Destin, Florida location is the first stand-alone restaurant/bowling alley for Bass Pro Shops and will serve as the basis of their prototype moving forward.

Uncle Buck’s Fishbowl features public and private dining room areas, along with a shipwrecked bar theme. The bar itself splits the bowling lanes in half, yielding a unique perspective to both bowlers and spectators. A billiards room sits behind the bar, providing an upscale alternative to the typical pool hall, through the use of mahogany stained paneling and intricate trim work.

The highlight of this project is the bowling lanes themselves. Above the lanes are undulating waves painted to appear as though the bowler is standing on the ocean floor. The side walls of the lanes contain murals of underwater sea life, and the lanes appear as sand under foot. When the black lights are activated, this underwater scene jumps to life from the glow lane surface to the paint on the walls. It is truly a unique bowling experience.

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